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Corporate Workshop
In-person or Virtual

Whether you are from a corporate enterprise, organization or just want to try your hands with floral creation, our interactive workshops are great ways to bond over.
Workshops can be conducted either in-person or by virtual means.
This is a GREAT opportunity to learn a new skill while strengthening camaraderie between colleagues, network and 'chill out'.

During the workshop, you will be enlightened on
• Care and Handling of flowers
• Flower types, selection and tips

All hands aboard for
• Practical hands-on of one floral design.

• Each participant will create one workpiece on their own.

Material Kit
• All required materials for the hands-on will be provided as an individual kit.

  • For virtual workshops, material kits will be delivered on actual day from 9am to 1pm. Virtual workshop will be held from 3pm onwards.

Floral Excursion for

Nursery, Kindergarten & Schools

(currently not available)


To enhance the learning journey of young children through the art of

floral arrangement and a visit to flower market.

Workshop Deliverable
• Visit to Flower Market (wholesale) with an activity sheet to identify flowers.
• Care and handling of flowers.
• Practical hands-on of one flora arrangement.

• Each participant will create one work piece which they can take away.
• All required materials for the hands-on will be provided.
• Required tools will be on loan for participant's use.

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