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Level 2 Courses

An Exceptional Learning Experience

Moving forward from the basic fundamentals, the next level of courses deepens your understanding and re-inforces your mastery of skills. Each course comprises 2 to 5 lessons. Certificate will be awarded upon completion of each course.
Enroll in these enriching courses and partake in a wholesome learning experience.
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Level 2 Courses: Service
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Table Florals ... Beyond Basic

(Floral Arrangement Intermediate level - Part 1)

Skill up beyond basic table florals and acquire more hands-on to create practical floral designs. Get to handle a wider selection of specialty flowers like tulips, calla, freesia, and seasonal flowers. Pick up a tip or two on using glassware for arrangement. Learn how to transform traditional designs into contemporary looks to keep up with current floral trends.


Registration is open to those who have completed basic floral studies in arrangement or have prior experience in floral arrangement (using floral foam).


A practical course to elevate the understanding and application of floral arrangement beyond foundation level. The approach to hands-on will be more autonomous.

  • Review of elements and principles of floral design

  • Practical application of floral designing

  • Enhance visual skills for geometric forms (lifted horizontal, topiary, conical, crescent)

  • Methods to use glassware with floral foam

Duration of course
4 lessons x 2 hours

Course fees
$450 ($490.50 with 9% GST)


Design Styles Course

(Floral Arrangement Intermediate level - Part 2)

A series of workshops developed to acquire knowledge of the characteristics of floral design styles and enhance hands-on at a higher level. Recommended for floral enthusiasts who wish to advance to styling florals and expanding versatility in designing. Learners are expected to submit a portfolio of sketches to illustrate the design styles. 



Registration is only open to those who have completed basic studies in floral arrangement (using floral foam).

An insight to recognize and understand the elements and principles of floral design; and reinforced with hands-on work pieces of the various design styles.

  • Form-Linear

  • Parallel

  • Landscape

  • Mille de Fleur

Duration of course
4 lessons. (Lesson 1: 2 hours Lesson 2 & 3: 2.5 hours Lesson: 4 hours)

Course fees:
$485 ($528.65 with 9% GST)

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Hand Bouquets
(Intermediate level)

Sharpen your bouquet-making skills through this master class which focuses on styling bouquets inspired by seasons and current trends. Get an insight on how to select flowers and colour scheme. Get to compose your bouquet from a specially 'curated flower bar' consisting of specialty seasonal flowers without digging deep into your pockets.


Registration is only open to those who have completed WSQ-Assemble fresh flower bouquets, basic hand-tied bouquet course that includes making bouquets using the spiral technique.


Minimum 2 persons to commence.


Duration of course

Total: 3 lessons x 3 hours

Course fees

$600 (with 9% GST)


Bridal Bouquets

... behind every bouquet

A course designed to provide the how-to approach of bridal bouquets covering mastery of construction methods and design ideas. Understand and create design styles that consist of formal, cascade, garden-style and European. A comprehensive introduction to learn fundamentals methods such as bouquet holder, hand-tied and wiring. Highly recommended for those who wish to embark upon wedding floristry. 


Registration is only open to those who have completed studies in basic floral arrangement (using floral foam) and hand bouquets using spiral technique. 

Duration of course
5 lessons x 3 hours

Course fees
$800 ($872 with 9% GST)

bridal car decor 2019.JPG

Bridal Car Decor


Learners must be able to arrange a centerpiece floral arrangement and have a car (sedan type) for the practical hands-on. Not recommended for beginners.

An intensive practical hands-on workshop to “dress” the bridal car with fabric and fresh flowers. Acquire essential guidelines and helpful tips on how to secure material and flowers onto the car. Hands-on includes designing and creating florals for bonnet and car doors. Highly recommended for those who wish to expand their portfolio on wedding floral services.


Workshop by appointment (weekdays only)

Duration of course
1 lesson x 4 hours

Course fees

$280 ($305.20 with 9% GST) inclusive materials, learner guide and certificate

Level 2 Courses: Service
Level 2 Courses: Welcome
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